For Restaurants owners

Convert a conventional establishment into a Digital Panoramic Restaurant whose scenery changes according to your wishes!

A response to the challenges of the sector

Customer acquisition and retention

Our commitments to help you increase your turnover:

  • constantly renew the customer experience
  • differentiate yourself from your competitors
  • develop the notoriety of your establishment

Customer satisfaction

The levers on which we propose you to act:

  • Atmosphere / Ambiance / Conviviality
  • Experience / Theatricalization of the decor / Creation of a universe
  • Value for money – offer/price
  • Word of mouth / Reputation

Location constraints

You know the saying: “Location, location, location”…

In a situation of strong real estate pressure, free yourself from architectural and geographical constraints with decors that adapt to your establishment and transport your customers to their preferred environments.

To renew the genre of restaurants

with rooms equipped with giant screens in panoramic format on which are broadcast exclusive audiovisual content, extraordinary landscapes, real or fictitious, which transpose the clientele into a multitude of environments, according to their desires, seasons or events, for a unique and memorable customer experience!

To stand out

in the highly competitive F&B market, this concept was designed to attract, engage and retain a clientele that is often not captive while constantly looking for new experiences. To achieve this, it combines the competitive advantages and key factors of success of several categories of highly appreciated establishments, drawing inspiration from “panoramic restaurants”, “dinner shows” and other themed restaurants.


An ideal solution for a restaurant whose word of mouth and media coverage will ensure an enviable notoriety.


With contained initial investment and operating costs, obtain maximized turnover and optimized profits.

Assured success 

Delight your customers with spectacular decors that will enhance their meals by provoking well-being, escape and wonder.

Winning strategy

Have a visionary approach by becoming a pioneer and leader in your area of activity.

Suggestions for use

With decors specifically designed to accompany your customers on multiple occasions, according to your needs, the events or the seasons:

  • Match the decor to your menu for unprecedented meals customization;
  • Demonstrate particular attention to the events of your guests (birthday, wedding, etc.);
  • In periods of high heat, offer refreshing sceneries;
  • In winter time, bring sunshine to your customers;
  • Ensure the success of your establishment with the themes of Christmas, Halloween or Easter;
  • Adapt your decor to the times of day to extend the experience throughout the day;
  • And many other possibilities!

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